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PHPConf.Asia 2018 will be hosted in Singapore

Apr 10, 2018 • Singapore,PHP,Conference,phpconf,event

PHPConf.Asia 2018 will be hosted in 26-29 September at NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House in Singapore. Main Conference will be on 27-28 September, and workshop will be on 26 & 29 September. PHPConf.Asia is also known as PHP Conference Asia.

PHPConf.Asia 2018 PHPConf.Asia 2018

Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP will be keynote speaker at the conference. And Sebastian Bergmann, creator of PHPUnit. Co-Founder, thePHPcc and bbpconsulting will be another keynote speaker.

Call For Proposals starts from 9 April and ends at 1 June.

Call For Proposals:

PHPConf.Asia 2018 Website:

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